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Pocketbois collab with M&M Seal Beach - Hoodie Gray

Pocketbois collab with M&M Seal Beach - Hoodie Gray

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If you've ever had a chance to hang out with the guys from M&M Surf School at Seal Beach, then you would totally get this design.  Whether you're a grom in surf camp, a parent dropping off your grom at surf camp, a first timer taking surf lessons, a long time surfer, a local who does their daily walks or jogs there,  you live in a mansion or you are living the van life or you're homeless, gay or straight, guy or girl, or still confused about the whole gender thing, islander, mainlander, foreigner, you speak English or not, you go to church at "Hope on the Beach or you don't go at all, you're a big wave surfer like "Chris Charro" visiting in the Winter or a small wave surfer like "Brahdah Uni", you surf on a 10 ft wavestorm surfboard or a 5 ft potato chip board; the crew from M&M Surf School has a way of really making you feel welcomed.  It's genuine too.  

This design was hand drawn by #pbfam and artist Rafael Chiappani while he was down here visiting from North Italy.  He gives homage to the late Pastor Chuck Carlson who he's never met, only heard of.  He also highlights things like Mike senior with his balancing magnets and balancing sunscreen (if you know, you know).   As you can see the design shows everyone getting along and having a good time.  It's a community that Pocket Bois is proud to be a part of.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!  Pslams 133:1  



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