Our Story

Founded in early 2009, Pocket Bois began as a surf influenced clothing brand with its roots in providing support to surf and other local communities. The name derived from the common surf concept of being “in the pocket” which is considered the sweet spot when riding a wave. The pocket is the ultimate place to be in surfing and that feeling when it is found, is unlike anything in the world and is a feeling that boardriding enthusiasts share and encourage others to experience. 

We believe that this sweet spot, this pocket, is not just limited to surfing but can be found in various different activities and places. From skating with your friends, writing poetry, making music, riding bikes, or training at jiu jitsu class; the pocket is a unique place and experience to an individual. To us, the ultimate sweet spot in life we believe is found in  Jesus Christ.

As a brand we want to highlight this sweet spot one has found in life and encourage others to share for others to discover and enjoy the very things that bring you joy. If you’re still trying to find the pocket in your life, join our community and we will support you on your journey!